Email Marketing Strategies

A Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing

Email Marketing Strategies

Campaign Monitor

Want to build your list? Improve open rates? Increase conversion rates from email? Campaign Monitor’s blog is chock-full of strategy for improving your email marketing program. As a popular ESP, they’re experts in building and deploying emails and setting up automated campaigns. Plus, they have plenty of other useful resources, like email marketing benchmarks, to help you make data-informed decisions.

Our Favorites:

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Email (With Stats)
  • How to Maintain Positive Relationships With Your Email Subscribers


Trendline, a full-service email marketing agency has a team dedicated to email marketing, including strategists, copywriters, deliverability specialists, and more. Just a few of the categories on their blog include Acquisition/Lead Generation, Email Production, and Reporting & Analytics.  The content is full of true tried-and-proven strategies designed to help your program grow.

Our Favorites:

  • Learn How to Optimize Your Subscribers’ Journey
  • Increase Customer Engagement With These 4 Tips

Email Vendor Selection

Email Vendor Selection is a fantastic resource on email marketing and Marketing Automation technology. Jordie van Rijn is the Founder and Chief Editor and has over 13 years of experience in the industry. As we know, email marketing tools are a critical factor in achieving success via this beloved channel.

Our Favorites:

  • The Complete Guide to Restaurant Email Marketing: Software, Strategy + Examples
  • 5 Signs Your ESP Is no Longer Your Valentine…and 1 Thing You Can Do About It

Twilio SendGrid

Twilio SendGrid is another great ESP helping to send email for 82,000 customers. They see email as an important mix of technology and people, and their blog delivers great information on how to connect better  with subscribers and optimize your email program.

Our favorites:

  • How Dark Mode for Email Can Boost Your Deliverability
  • Email for Gen Z


Email Critic

Email Critic was created by the founder of Indiemark, Scott Hardigree, and all the posts are compiled from a group of email critics (experts from around the email marketing community) examining the best strategies to use in your email marketing program.

Our Favorites:

  • 5 Alternative Email Calls-to-Action
  • The 4-Step Guide to Writing Flawless Marketing Emails
  • Copywriting Tricks Every Email Marketer Should Know

Modern Marketing Blog

From email marketing to SEO, to marketing automation, Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Modern Marketing Blog covers it all. They explore strategies, technology, and innovation in both email marketing and digital marketing as a whole.

Our Favorites:

  • 6 Reasons Being in Gmail’s Promotions Tab Is a Good Thing
  • 8 Email Marketing Improvements to Make During Slow Periods



This ESP just turned 5, and their blog is chock full of email marketing insights. The blog explores best practices, analytics, and provides advice for email marketers. SparkPost also explores the softer side of the industry, including a more empathetic approach to email marketing.

Our Favorites:

  • 4 Places Where You Should Prioritize Accessibility
  • 3 Ways to Make Your Email Program More Gender-Inclusive



As an email marketing behemoth, MailChimp’s blog is a great place to learn Email Marketing 101, get business tips, and to learn how to use data to inform your strategy. MailChimp is also a burgeoning media company, producing their own original scripted content, podcasts, and documentaries—perfect for when you need to take an inspirational break at work.

Our Favorites:

  • Turn Window Shoppers into Customers with Product Retargeting Emails
  • How Long Should You Run Your A/B Test?
  • Our Best Tips for Designing Successful Automated Emails


Run a small business? AWeber has email marketing tips for you on their blog. They regularly provide free GIFs and they are AMP for email pioneers. From email basics to email strategy, AWeber’s blog has something fun for everyone.

Our Favorites:

  • 5 Ridiculously Cool Ways We’ve Used AMP for Email
  • How to Create Trustworthy Content That People Want to Read


Constant Contact

Another great resource for small business owners is the Constant Contact blog. It’s always loaded with fresh insights and their posts cover everything from email strategies for small business owners all the way to executing killer campaigns on a global scale.

Our Favorites:

  • A Retailer’s Guide to Email Marketing Strategy
  • What is a Good Email Subject Line?
  • The Power Of Segmentation (And How To Start)


Though they don’t have a dedicated email marketing blog, Forbes has plenty of great information in the email marketing articles on their site. It’s a pseudo-blog —or at least something you should keep on your radar. From small businesses to larger-scale operations, the expert advice on Forbes will help you make smart choices in your email marketing program.

Our Favorites:

  • 5 Email Marketing Trends That Can Make You More Efficient
  • How To Prioritize Your Email Marketing Strategy In 2020
  • 6 Ways To Cash In On A Small Email List

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