Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take?

There are some key questions client have, this is one of them. How long does it take?

A simple site of 5 or so pages can be done in a week.

A complex large site with a shopping cart system like woocommerce can take a couple of months.

Part of the determination of how long it takes relies on 2 things.

  1. How busy are we? BestBCWeb is a boutique web design and marketing firm. We do not overload our designers and deliverability experts. We are here for you.
  2. How prepared are you? It’s true, so we might as well talk about it up front. The client will often change the project, adding or redesigning. This will cause further time delays. We always will work with you to make this happen so don’t fret. It’s pretty normal.
How much does it cost?

This the most common question.

Each order is individually costed out but we can give you a pretty accurate range.

Here’s how.

The following links to sites are for sites we have already built.  Please note when you click on the link it will open up their web site in a separate tab.

Dried Up Cows. This is an elegant simple web site. Perfect for professionals and a simple business site. Expect to pay $1500-$2500.   

Fill-a-Niche: This is straightforward woocommerce enabled web site. Including the complete set up of a woocomm enabled site with all taxes and shipping costs calculated. Expect to pay $4500-$5500. See Fill-A-Niche. 

Promotional Product Direct : This is a very large site with over 500 products and 14 subdomains. Expect to pay $5000- $8500 . See Promotional Product Direct. 

Does the client get to be involved?

Of course. We are unique in this business as we are firstly business people and secondly web designers. Our goal is to create great sites that work. Work for you, work for your client, work for your brand. We cannot understand and achieve that without your input.

How to buy hosting, domains and emails?

We take care of all of that for you. We use the internationally recognized BC based hosting service Hosting Nation. Feel free to connect with them or have us do it for you. Their customer service, response times and “hands-on” approach are amazing.

What exactly happens after ordering?

We firstly have a conversation. Who are you and what do you want to say?

We then get you a quote and an outline what we need form you. This reflects the conversation.

The list on the outline for you includes any images needed and your first draft of text.

We then need a few days or a week to get a rough draft design up. This will reside on a temporary domain until approved to go live.

Once the draft is approved we move forward with adding content and tweaking the design and details.

As we move forward and finally complete the site we then go through the working of the site for you.

By the time you take over the site you will have a good working knowledge of your site and your hosting package.

Post launch help and updates. Webmaster work.

Many clients want us to continue on as their webmasters. We can do that!

What does a webmaster do?

A webmaster does and can do many things, this includes:

  1. Updating the sites add-ons and apps.
  2. Adding new pages and making changes.
  3. Trouble shooting. Yup the internet doesn’t always work the way it should.
  4. Adding new email accounts. People come, people go. We can help.
  5. Lots of other stuff. Some or all of these things you can do on your own but if you’re like most people, you’d rather have the pros do it.
Can we work on an existing site?

We can and do work on sites that other people have built BUT sometimes it’s better to start fresh.

We have seen 1000’s of sites made by everyone from the world’s best designer to more commonly, your nephew as his grade 12 project.

We’d rather start fresh. That way we know the sites structure is solid and its ability to reach the most people with the best messaging is already built in.

What about SEO on your site?

SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization) is one of those Voodoo terms web geeks like to throw around. But what is it really?

In it’s simplest for SEO is taking the elements of each page of the site (images, text, links, titles and tags) and naming them in a way that best captures the attention of a Google search.

What a Google search does is match up the best results to a searchers inquiry. So if you are a Lawyer in Vancouver that practices family law and the average consumer searches for Great divorce lawyers in North Vancouver. Your pages and images should reflect all the words and phrases associated with this search such as divorce, Lonsdale, North Vancouver,  Esplanade, family law, custody agreement, separation agreement.

As well your social media share functions, Key words, Key phrases  and excerpts all need to be written to match up to the search.

Think of SEO in this way.

The client searching online is shooting an arrow into the sky. Your page or site is designed to intersect at the exact spot in the sky where the 2 meet.

We do that?

Does it cost extra to have us SEO your site. Yes. We will guarantee a 90 plus rating on GTMetrix to insure that you will be the best in your business.

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