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Why Promo Pro's Choose Us!

In the fall of 2021 the promotional products world is upside down and inside out. Have you ever wondered how the big pros avoid the turmoil and trouble? Here's how they do it.


Who are we and why we matter to you!

Who are we? We are the industry's go to choice for factory direct promotional products.

What we offer? We have over 100 factories both onshore and offshore that produce over 10,000 promo products.

Why we matter to you? We have live in the USA support. Expert all in one product sourcing and totally secure and inclusive delivery. Read more

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New Ideas-Product Sourcing

In 2021 the marketing client is "tired of PPE" and wants to see something new, something fresh, something unique and creative for their logo.

We are the experts at this.

Have a look at our current Geek and Trend ideas or, send us a picture of what you want and ask us to find it for you. Simple!

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"We Do Weird Well"


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